The Fully Devoted Follower

Jesus started with twelve men...His goal was the world! Christianity isn't just a one time decision but a way of life as an individual and a community. We offer a path for you to learn what that means on a day to day basis. 


Crossroads 101: iConnect
Take the first step to learn more about becoming part of the Crossroads family. 

Join this class to find out the basics of  Christianity, who we are as a church, how our church is organized, and our core values.  
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Crossroads 201: iGrow
This class is designed to help you grow as a Christian.
 We guide you into having a personal relationship with God and how you can apply the Bible in life.
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Crossroads 401: iFit
We have all had moments when we thought to ourselves, where do I fit in?

Join just as we help you discover the skills and talents that are uniquely yours and how to use them to help others.
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Crossroads 501: Give
This isn't so much a class as it is your opportunity to give back through volunteering and other resources to help build and strengthen the body of Christ.

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