The Details
This year we will put out 20, 21-day challenges that will cover our overall health and well-being. Challenges will include special prizes, contests and even events that will bring us all together. Do one or do them all. We have four subcategories: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
This year is about your journey, you decide how these challenges fit in your life.
Physical challenges will get you up and moving, whether you’re starting out and need a little push and guidance or you’ve been at it for a while and are ready to up your game!

Mental challenges will get your brain juices flowing!  We’re talking brain busters and reading challenges.  Even if you have extensive reading skills and an extended vocabulary there’s always room for improvement.

Emotional challenges will start you on the path to dropping bad habits and starting healthy habits.

Spiritual challenges get you started on the path to renewing and/or growing your relationship with Christ through building habits such as reading, prayer, trust, and service.
How are the challenges tracked? Challenges are tracked individually, but we will support you through this process.  We encourage you to do some of them with family, friends, co-workers or new friends. When you have completed one, just fill out the form on this page or email
Prizes? Each challenge you complete will get your name put in the end of the year raffle towards a grand prize.  For example you can have 20 chances to win or just 1, that is up to you.  

We can’t wait to join you in making 2021 a year of growth.

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